Dinamo X Cargo

Through a partnership between Dinamo and Cargo, an Independent Site Builder, all Cargo users have full access to a selection of Dinamo fonts. »The offering features three families of various sans genres and includes: Diatype, Diatype Mono, Diatype Semi-Mono, Favorit, Favorit Mono, Monument Grotesk, Monument Grotesk Mono, and Monument Grotesk Semi-Mono.« The mini-Identity for the partnership was designed by Berlin based art director Tim Lindacher. He developed the new ecosystem with the »Cargo<>Dinamo<>Fonts Coin« as centerpiece and with it a growing collection of variations and remixes. With a very loose brief and the most different variations of the coin, I was asked to develop a motion style for the ecosystem. As in Tim's graphical concept, »variation« and »spinning« is also the heart of the motion concept. Head over to Cargo and take a look!