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Lucas Hesse is a graphic & motion designer based in Hamburg, Germany. He is working in the field of visual communication with a strong focus on typography and motion design. Working as an independent graphic & motion designer since 2016, he has been able to work for well-known, international clients. »My work is built very systematically, I break down the content into its simplest form and put it in a graphic system that’s as straightforward as possible.« This is seen in the designer’s Swiss-inspired work that focuses on grid-based simplicity which offers the viewer an obtainable clarity. During his studies in Mainz, he spent a semester abroad in Seoul, joined a course at the HfG in Offenbach under the direction of Eike König and gained experience trough an internship at Studio Dumbar in Rotterdam.


Sven Jürgensmeier, Location: Studio Hasard

Lucas Hesse
Hamburg, Germany,

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Studio for visual communication with a strong focus on Typography and Motion Design, working in the fields of Graphic Design, Motion Design, Kinetic Typography, Editorial Design, Visual & Kinetic Identities, Web Design and Web Development. Blending the disciplines of type, motion and code to approach visual communication with a different aesthetic.